Flashing the Studios

It was only 2 years ago, we must remind ourselves, that Flash barely had a toe-hold in any major US animation studios. There was ‘Mucha Lucha’ at Warner Bros. Animation, the Disney Channel shorts ‘The Proud Family Shorties,’ and the ill-fated ‘Kid Notorious’ at Comedy Central.

But check this out – as of today, there’s at least 9 Flash animated shows on (or soon to come on) US television.

1 Mucha Lucha – Warner Bros. Animation

2 Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show – Cartoon Network

3 Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends – Cartoon Network

4 Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law – Adult Swim, Cartoon Network

5 Atomic Betty – Cartoon Network

6 The Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

7 Katbot – Disney (coming soon, I hear)

8 Omega Dome – Noodlesoup (coming soon)

9 Maggie – Disney TV Animation (coming soon)

I’m not positive on Katbot or Omega Dome, but the rumors are leaning that way. Regardless, it’s been quite an impressive run for ol’ Flash TV animation, once pronounced dead on the floor of the big internet bubble. That being said, most of these are being animated overseas or up north in Canada. But, as studios are quickly learning, the ability to do on-the-fly retakes, and maintain extremely strick on-model accuracy throughout a production is a huge plus.

Long live Flash animation!


  1. Mike Downey December 13, 2004

    Thanks for this information. I’ve always been suspicious of several of the animated shows on TV because many of them look like they were produced in Flash.

    A month or two ago I met with a team from Toon Boom and saw a preview of their new USAnimation Symphony (http://www.toonboom.com/products/symphony/) animation production system and I was very impressed. It’s clearly been designed with television/traditional character animators in mind.

    I wonder why big production houses choose the Flash authoring tool over the Toon Boom product? My assumption is the massive price difference. I think their system costs in the tens of thousands. However, their tool is totally focused on character animators and big production teams – ours is focused on web animations and rich internet applications.

    Any thoughts on that?

    Mike Downey
    Flash Product Manager

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