4Kids Forsees More Flash

The Fox Box is set to be overrun by Wumblers. 4Kids Entertainment, the company that runs the Saturday morning presence on Fox, has committed to bringing ‘The Wumblers,’ a Flash-animated series aimed at the young ones, ages 2-6. What is a Wumbler, you ask? Well, according to The Silly Goose Company, the entity that created The Wumblers, “they’re multi-colored, bulbous-shaped characters whose food (which is called Munchetti) falls from the sky.” Fair enough.

You can also just see for yourself, as Peak Entertainment, the company that picked up the rights to The Wumblers, has posted a 2-minute Flash video clip of the show. The animation is rather simple, and there’s nothing terribly groundbreaking about the show’s look and feel, but I can imagine that a 4-year old would be quite amused by the show’s whimsical approach. The UK’s Cosgrove Hall animates the show, and it seems like they might be the only animation house, outside of Toronto’s Cuppa Coffee, concurrently doing stop-motion and Flash animation under the same roof. Cosgrove Hall has been pitching Flash-animated shows for a while now, and I’m expecting one of their originals: ‘The Slums,’ ‘Octopus and Worm,’ or ‘Streetplay’ to find its way to TV soon.

If you do happen by the Peak Entertainment website, don’t forget to download a few particular files. This should be especially interesting to those pitching studios – ‘The Wumblers’ show bible (zip file) and style guide are available for download on the Peak Entertainment site. The bible (or ‘marketing’ document, as the site calls it) is rather cookie-cutter, but the style guide is a stand-out, complete with internal links to the various sections. In fact, Peak actually allows you download all of their show bibles, which could make for great reference for anyone looking to get their own leave-behinds polished up before a pitch.

So this puts the Flash-show count over at 4Kids at 2 – with ‘Incredible Crash Dummies’ and ‘The Wumblers.’ It’s always great to see more Flash productions hitting the airwaves!

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