Being Ian Episode Clips

The Flash/CG animated show, ‘Being Ian,’ which was recently picked up for a second season on Canada’s YTV, is now viewable on the Studio B website in the form of 4 quicktime clips. This is good news for those outside of Canada who haven’t had a chance to see this unique blend of Flash and 3D, which is now in production at Studio B‘s Vancouver production facility.

CLIP 1: ‘Being Ian’ title sequence
CLIP 2: ‘Being Ian’ gets a visit from the punk band GOB
CLIP 3: Hockey star Trevor Linden gets green
CLIP 4: Global TV’s Tony Parsons joins the cast


  1. Anonymous March 7, 2006

    being iaaan , anything is posssible woah woah , why cant the woRld just see things my WAYY!

  2. Anonymous March 7, 2006

    hey, my name is Ian (I-N) and I look like this dude! Fun to see me on TV!

  3. Ian Trevor May 3, 2006

    My name is also Ian, I think I am also coolas! I live in the land of Oz….I like to see my alterego on TV…..however I would like a DVD since we do not get the TV episodes down here in Melbourne. Any contasc5t details for purchasing downloads or a DVD.


  4. Anonymous May 9, 2006

    It’s on ABC2 Thursdays at 6pm.

  5. ~Pam0o~ June 23, 2006

    i love this show so much!!! but i really want to know who the main song if from… i love that song.. “Why can’T The World JUST see things my WWAYYYY!!” hehe


  6. Anonymous July 21, 2006

    omg i love this show its sooo awesome!!! but i wanna kno who the song is from 2 its so awesome!!!! hehe!!!

  7. Anonymous September 3, 2006

    Does any1 know the song that the Band O’ Bruthaz sing in that one episode of being ian?

  8. I am the composer of all the music for Being Ian including the theme song. Glad to hear so many people like them.

  9. Anonymous January 25, 2007

    I want to know the song from the Band O Bruthaz episdoe “oo oo baby u drive me crazy”

  10. I want you know the song from the Band O Bruthaz episode “oo oo baby u drive me crazy” my name is amanda my mail its

  11. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    Please Somebody tell me from where to get this song PLEASE!!!!

  12. What’s the song called on Being Ian? The one that goes “oo oo baby your driving me crazy”. Can someone please answer it!!!

  13. Anonymous February 5, 2008

    I want to know the song from Band O Bruthz espisode can someone post the song here plz

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