Squidbillies Bows In July?

(UPDATE – AWN posted an article stating a September release of ‘Squidbillies.’ Six episodes are reportedly on tap.)

You may already know that the ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Forcecreators, Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro have been hard at work preparing a theatrical version of ‘ATHF.’ But what you may not know is that this same duo has been called upon to create a second original show for Adult Swim – ‘Squidbillies.’ This project has actually been in the works (first announced in March 2004) for quite some time, but all signs point to a July 2005 release for this Flash-animated show set in the North Georgia mountains.

A ‘Squidbillies’ pilot aired back in November 2004, and you can get a glimpse of the show’s unique look by downloading two promo clips from the Adult Swim Fruitcake site. The loose, folk-art background style looks amazing, and the character design seems like a mixture of refrigerator art and ‘Beavis and Butthead.’

The original announcement at the 2004 upfronts gave the following synopsis of the show:

Five million years ago, the Atlantic Ocean covered North America all the way to the Ohio Valley. As the ocean receded to form our present-day geography, a family of squids was stranded in a remote setting in the North Georgia mountains. This motley melange of mischievous mollusks, influenced by the rural ways of the redneck locals, quickly “adapticise” to a world of fighting, feuding and fornicating with a Faulknerian flambé of ferocious sea creature livin’. The humor lies in the “adapticization.”


  1. Anonymous February 7, 2006

    Does anybody know exactly which town the squidbillies are from?

  2. Anonymous February 9, 2006

    How can I find the episodes of squidbillies on DVD? Anyone?

  3. Anonymous February 23, 2006

    breathe if your horny

  4. Anonymous March 9, 2006

    I think early said alabaster

  5. Anonymous March 12, 2006

    vhyper(at)gmail.com has produced a DVD. $20, and that’s final. how’d you like that mess?

  6. Anonymous December 17, 2006

    Squidbillies is the funniest thing I have seen in years. Best part is all the religious right goofs not thinking its funny…..because they don’t get the point.

  7. Anonymous December 20, 2006

    I AM a religious right and it’s my favorite show. I LOVE it!

  8. Anonymous April 3, 2007

    You are religious right? — sorry to hear that — hope you get better soon. — What do you think of your goofball self imposed leader George “W” now? At least he has us on track for the rapture — but god bless all those fine young women and men troops he is sacrificing for the sake of Halliberton and misguided Republican zealots. Sorry — back to the Squidbillies — best damn show on TV!

  9. Anonymous June 14, 2007

    I will probably die a horable death if this show is ever “cancelized”, or took off the air.

  10. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    this has to be taking place in Esom Hill

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