Blazing a Golden Path

It’s official! The first theatrically released Flash-animated feature is out. ‘The Golden Blaze’ is “the story of two boys whose schoolyard rivalry spirals out of control, when in a freak accident their fathers develop superpowers and become puppets in their sons’ war.” Produced by Urban Entertainment, this 87 minute feature directed by Bryon E. Carson is in selected Regal, Edward and United Artists Theatres every Saturday and Sunday this month. I also noticed that the soon-to-be released Golden Blaze DVD features a drawing tutorial by a friend of mine – Denys Cowan, the co-creator of WB’s ‘Static Shock.’ He’s currently hard at work producing Aaron McGruder’s ‘Boondocks‘ for Adult Swim’s next season, a show I consulted on back when they were considering going down the Flash route. Anyway, back to ‘The Golden Blaze.’ This is triumphant month for Flash animators the world around. Three big cheers for Urban Entertainment and ‘The Golden Blaze!’ Truly blazing a path for many to follow.

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