Flash Animation Tutorials

At last week’s ‘The Evolution of Flash’ panel discussion, a question was posed regarding tutorials. If you haven’t picked up Clifford Parrott’s book ‘Hollywood 2D Digital Animation,’ you might want to start there. Alternatives are out there, and below I’ve listed a few that I’ve stumbled upon during my internet explorations.

Keyframer Tutorials – Chris Georgenes, offers up some excellent tutorials
Macromedia Tutorials – Chris also hosts a few tutorials here
Flash Filmmaker Tutorials – Ibis Fernandez offers up some great techniques
Flashkit – nothing too amazing here, but worth checking out
FreeFlashTutorials.com – connected with ‘Cartoon Smart’ – see below
About.com – some excellent how-to’s here

Cartoon Smart – beautiful site, and very easy to follow tutorials
Toon Doctor – I haven’t played around with the software yet…


  1. Hi, just discovered your blog and I have been visiting it daily ever since. Keep up the good work. Also, just to inform you, there seems to be a problem with the “Hollywood 2D Digital Animation” link.

  2. Aaron Simpson May 4, 2005

    Thanks, Zeke. I fixed that link. Someone had jammed a comb and some gum in the link’s gears. Weird!

  3. CGShelf April 6, 2007

    You can find some more flash tutorials at http://www.cgshelf.com/flash.php

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