MTV2 Tunes in New Showzens

MTV2 launched their new look at the Superbowl, and now they’ve got the shows to back it up. ‘Video Mods,’ a show that interjects re-animated video game footage into current hit music videos is an interesting idea that comes out a touch creepy. And if you think about it – the show is a commercial for a video game inside a commercial for an album, bookended by 8 minutes of commercials.

The MTV2 website redesign now included a section called ‘Sharts,’ which includes 3 ‘Gorillaz’ shorts that allow us to finally hear what the band members sound like off-mike. I haven’t spotted these on air yet, but I’m guessing that’s the idea.

And finally, we’ve got ‘Wonder Showzen,’ a send-up of a pre-school show ala ‘TV Funhouse.’ I watched the pilot last year online and I was crossing my fingers that it would get picked up. Now having watched the premiere episode, I’m sure glad they did. The on-air version is far better than the pilot, which occasionally wandered into boring gross-out bits, whereas they seem to be hitting on all 6 comedy cylinders now. The show consists of kids and adults interacting with puppets, much like an episode of ‘Sesame Street.’ There’s also hysterical and well-designed Flash-animated shorts produced by Augenblick Studios.

If you can’t make it over to MTV2 just yet, feast your eyes on the various animated online clips:

Global Politics in 30 Seconds‘ – a scathing, animated indictment of the US’s foreign policy, complete with babies shaped like Mexico and an scene where Africa is raped by the ol’ US of A.

The Finger Force‘ (click on ‘videos’ up top) – a stab at ‘Bratz,’ and all sluty toys/properties hyping beauty over all else.

The show teaser (Windows Media)

‘Wonder Showzen’ airs Fridays at 9:30pm ET on Fridays.

Here’s a list the other Augenblick-animated segments we’ll be seeing soon:

This 1950′s educational film explores racism and segregation in today’s society.

“Plastic Surgeons Without Borders”
What self-respecting citizen of the third world wouldn’t want a makeover?

“Hobo Ops”
What happens when an elite fighting force retires to civilian life? Watch this animation on WONDER SHOWZEN to find out.

“Mr. Bible”
Are drugs, alcohol, and violence really that bad for you? Find out in this fifth animation for WONDER SHOWZEN.

Follow the adventures of little Jimmy and his drawings that come to life.

“Boogie Noogie Bunch”
Sweeter than the Care Bears and weirder than the Smurfs, the Boogies, lovable, ambiguously-shaped creatures with their own mysterious language, will surprise and entertain in this seventh animation for WONDER SHOWZEN.

Watch this lovable canine obstetrician perform a c-section in mid-air.

“The Gingerbreadman”
History has largely forgotten the Gingerbreadman’s role during the race riots of the 1960s, but WONDER SHOWZEN hasn’t.


  1. Das Klaun April 7, 2005

    Just discovered that the Gorillaz shorts (and probably everything else) won’t play in Firefox. The Empire strikes again.

  2. Why would you use FireFox anyways?

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