TMBG Bloodmobile Video

How have I managed to neglect Brooklyn’s ‘They Might Be Giants,’ the one indie rock band to truly embrace the power of Flash animation? From the band’s quirky Flash homepage, to their collaboration with Homestar Runner, to their ‘Here Come the ABCs’ Flash videos (Amazon link), this band is way ahead of the curve. But wait – there’s more! TMBG released a series of Flash-animated interactive videos to accompany their 2002 release ‘No!,’ they released a Flash-animated video for a song titled ‘Idlewild’ and you can still view their 2001 Flash-animated holiday cards online.

The latest TMBG Flash project is one the band had nothing to with. It was animated by Dave Logan, a high school senior in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I discovered his 6mb short that animates against the TMBG song ‘The Bloodmobile’ while browsing Boing Boing last month. It was produced specifically for an educational interactive experience called ‘The Giant Heart.’ There’s not a great deal of character animation in the short, but Dave’s 3D chops are on display throughout. Cool stuff, Dave, and big ups to They Might Be Giants, who liked Dave’s video so much they linked to it from their site.


  1. charlie March 12, 2006

    The Bloodmobile Video that is shown at the Giant Heart exhibit is not actually the one done by Dave Logan. The Giant Heart one can be found here:

    Personally, I prefer the Dave Logan version!

  2. Anonymous April 1, 2006

    Dave’s work seems so professional, not at all like what one would expect from an unpaid kid!

  3. Anonymous December 12, 2006

    I personally like the other one best because it isn’t funky like this one. But he did do a good job for a high-schooler. This is only my opinion, but it still matters you dumb people who hate classical music-asses

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