Wild Brain’s Bully Work

I hadn’t started this site yet back in April of 2004 when The Health Resources and Services Administration contracted San Francisco’s Wild Brain to produce 12 Flash webisodes aimed at kids 9-12. It’s all part of an anti-bullying campaign, and it’s all top-notch work. The simple color palatte in the BGs, the clean characters designs and the solid acting all pull together over the 12-part series. Wild Brain’s use of Flash’s line tool is probably a time-consideration, allowing them to do all of their character clean-up directly in Flash, and the look of the show doesn’t seem to suffer. Have a look at the shorts, all of which are followed by a quiz, so sharpen your pencils.


  1. koqka May 19, 2005

    your blog rock man, been coming here for quite sometime now.. nice

    but the link to the schoolbully flash seem not to be working

  2. MattyMatt October 14, 2005

    hello, i just found your site by googling about wild brain. those flash episods are nice, technically, but the writing — ouch! i had to put it on mute because the dialogue hurt to listen to.

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