Navarro Gets Attacked on G4

There’s a new interview with Kenn Navarro, the co-creator of ‘Happy Tree Friends’ posted over at the Attack of the Show website. It follows the announcement from a few weeks ago that HTF would be airing on the G4 network, the home of Attack of the Show. To get up to speed, you can read the Cold, Hard Flash interview with Kenn from this past April here. Also check out the Flash-animated interstitial created to announce the partnership.


  1. Nice! The interview is cool. It is nice to know that HTF has a home on the American tube.

    Those G4 guys talk really fast.

  2. When I first discovered HTF, I thought flippy was sooo cute!
    Boy, was I wrong!
    Flippy is nutz.
    The animation on these cartoons are cute but I wish there was one that didn’t have any violence so I could show more people.

  3. Anonymous December 28, 2005

    OMG,happy tree friends,i kinda wish my friend didnt get me hooked no them!!!lol but theyre sooo funny in a sick and disturbed way i guess.

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