O’Grady on The N

I was under the impression that I’d left no stone unturned. Every Flash-animated TV show currently in production was neatly listed in the links section to the right. This was my impression, and I was sticking with it. And besides, turning over stones was becoming quite a chore. But, much to my surprise, my list was incomplete. I’d left off ‘O’Grady,’ which was hiding from me on The N (which is essentially Noggin at Nite). The show was created by Tom Snyder of ‘Home Movies’ fame (a Flash show) and Carl Adams. ‘O’Grady’ was promoted as ‘as a cross between Friends and The Twilight Zone, revolving around four self-centered high school students, who must deal with the reality of their teenage existence while putting up with the “weirdness” that afflicts their town.’ The show is lovingly animated by the gang at Soup2nuts, located in Massachussets.

I’m currently Tivo’ing a batch of shows and I’ll be pouring through them, looking for any hint of how this show escaped me. In the meantime, we can all enjoy clips from the show at the show’s official site. Don’t miss the cool storyboard-to-animation comparison. Thanks to Stephen for the tip!


  1. Elizabeth November 8, 2005

    I freakin’ LOVE O’Grady!!!!!!!!!! Whne is the new season starting? I can’t wait!

  2. Anonymous March 17, 2006

    omg i love O’Grady its like my favorite. im watching it right now!!!

  3. Vincent March 27, 2006

    Oooh! I love this show to pieces! I just finished watching it! :D I love Phillip! He’s the BOMB!

  4. Anonymous April 22, 2006

    omg I so love O’Grady. I’m trying to TiVo every episode known to man on it and then save it to my VCR.

    omg, did you hear that O’Grady Season 2 is free on iTunes?!?

  5. Anonymous April 26, 2006

    Lisa said…
    yo peeps I LOVE O’GRADY!!!!!!my favorite character is Abby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous July 13, 2006

    Mmm. I love O’Grady :]
    Kevin’s too rad.

  7. Anonymous February 23, 2007

    I flippin` love O’Grady!
    Kevin is the bomb diggity and he OWNS your faceee. XD Forreal. <3

  8. Anonymous May 7, 2007

    i <3 O’Grady! I want to watch more episodes!(i wish they would come out soon i have been waiting 2 years…)It is free on the- N.com(every episode of O’Grady on the-n.com is free!). My favorite episode is party gong and bubbleheads,and my favorite character is Abby.

  9. Dunya June 8, 2008

    OMG!!! I love O’Grady, why’d they cancel it??

  10. Kelsey July 29, 2008

    man i can’t find any clips on any where where can i watch it does any one know??? please help i remember watching the show on the tv and loved it now i can’tr find it any where PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me

  11. Heather October 9, 2008

    Omg! Cant anyone see how much we love O’grady!?
    I’ve searched for it everywhere, and cant find
    anything. I really loved that show, haha well mostly Kevin :D D
    WE WANT O’GRADY! WE WANT O’GRADY! gahhh. Its driving me crazy not being able to watch it ):

  12. OMG! i totally LOVE O’grady! I was soooo pissed when the the N took it off there usual scheduled running times. Curse you the N!!!! If O’grady was my face I’d look at it everday. If O’grady was a tree I’d see it on my way. If O’grady was the sky i’d be a captivating oray. But O’grady is a show …………………………………….
    AND I NEED IT EVERYDAY! SO PUT IT BACK ON the N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. yeahh! i love ogrady. it’s 2011 baby and i’m still always watching these episodes. i own them all on itunes and they make 13 hour airplane flights wayy less unbearable.

    i got to talk to the voice actor of pete klesko and donald lipschitz, he was super nice and funny!

    gooo ogrady

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