Picme Picked By Nick

Nickelodeon UK has just picked up ‘Picme,’ a 2-minute episodic property aimed at two to five-year olds. Jam Media, an independent production company out of Ireland, produced the Flash-animated property which was created by John Rice, a former animator on Fox’s animated feature ‘Anastasia.’ The show originally gained acclaim at the Pitch It! competition at this year’s KidScreen Summit. His pitch, complete with a CD-Rom element that allows viewers to upload photos of themselves into the show, wowed the Pitch It! judges, including judge Debbie Macdonald, the Programme Director at Nickelodeon UK. In a recent Kidscreen article, Debbie was quoted as saying that ‘Picme’ “fulfills the ultimate kid fantasy of starring in a TV show.” The show currently airs on Ireland’s RTE network, and I’ve read that a total of 52 episodes have been created so far.


  1. Mister Franklin June 21, 2005

    that character looks kinda familiar…..


  2. Darnit.
    I was going to say the same thing.
    I wish I’d said it first.

  3. where do i send photos too

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