More Nextoons Tonight

We’re near the mid-way point in the week-long animation shorts-fest known as Nextoons: The Nicktoons Film Festival. Looks like we’re in for more amazing shorts this evening, and a Flash-animated short is amongst them.

Mig Said…
By Mig Jou
‘Mig Said…’ is billed as ‘a series of fables on the theme of self-confidence and love.’ As far as I can tell, this short isn’t viewable on the web, but some of Mig’s illustration work (like the image to the right) can be seen over at here and here. I believe Mig is a popular Taiwanese illustrator, and I’m not certain, but I believe he has released a children’s book that can be found here. Some of his work is also featured on a Taiwanese newspaper site – click on the links in the lefthand column to see more. More illustration and painting can be see at the site (scroll down and click on the green links).

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