Nextoons’ Z-Files

Nextoons: The Nicktoons Film Festival is nearly over. Only two nights remaining in this animation festival that airs on Nicktoons at 12 midnight! Tonight we’re treated to the Flash animation stylings of Quebec’s Zee Risek. In his series titled ‘Z-Files,’ Zee uses audio tracks from old government films like ‘Duck and Cover,’ (presumably pulled from one of my favorite sites and animates new life into these aging relics. Check out more of Zee’s work at Flying Iguanna Productions.


  1. Thanks for the plug. Zee here. I will have episode 4 of The Z-Files on the website by the end of September. It’s another funny audio clip, this time it is about radioactive fallout getting on your food!!

  2. Aaron Simpson September 8, 2005

    Glad to be of service, Zee. Cool shorts – pass along an update once you’ve posted the next installment.


  3. Episode 4 of THE Z-FILES is now up! Check it out!

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