Shockboy Falls to Earth

Talk about worth the wait! If you can handle a 10-minute (8mb) download, get comfortable and enjoy the wickedly-entertaining, blood-soaked Flash-animated film ‘Shockboy.’ It’s from Neostream, who have cooked up two installments in this highly-entertaining series. ‘Shockboy’ isn’t for the faint of heart, as it’s full of graphic violence and anime-style blood-splatter, and we’re also a little low on story here. However, when the pacing, staging and intense soundtrack take center stage all is forgiven.

The site explains that Shockboy “is a mysterious being fallen to Earth from the world above (Seventh Heaven) with undiscovered supernatural powers to control the 5 elements that make up existence.” Fair enough.


  1. This is pretty dead-on to the look and feel of a show I really liked from Korea called “Aachi and Ssipak”. If this isn’t the same director/team, they’re doing a good job of mimicking the style. Any more info on the production?

  2. Aaron Simpson August 22, 2005

    Hey, Roque – congrats on your Ottawa screening. I also spotted a Ghostbot project in the pipeline at a studio down here. You’ll have to sneak out some info to Cold, Hard Flash as it begins to boil.

    I know ‘Aachi and Ssipak,’ as a friend of mine was or still is looking into bringing it stateside. There’s little info on the web about Neostream, but I do know that they work out of Australia and Korea. And ‘Aachi’ is Korean, right? So there might be a connection.

    Best of luck in Ottawa!


  3. Aaron knows too much! Quick, call in the snipers!!!

    Seriously, thanks for the post on Shockboy. The style and sound definitely feel like Aachi and Ssipak which is a good thing in my book. I love the furious pacing and ultra violence. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. Aaron Simpson August 23, 2005

    Your secret is safe with me, Alan. Looked amazing, tho. You guys are on fire!

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