Nextoons Gives Flash Short Grand Prize

Nextoons: The Nicktoons Film Festival has come to a close. After airing handfuls of shorts on air for a week straight, the Nextoons judges have chosen a winner – “La Revolution des Crabes,” (click on ‘short’ in the left column) by French animator Arthur de Pins. It’s a very clever Flash-animated short that tells the tale of crabs that can only walk in straight lines. Metaphor is at play here, and you shouldn’t have to know French to get the big laughs in this beautifully animated short. Prior to this honor, ‘La Revolution des Crabes’ has already been honored at many festivals, including Annecy and the 2004 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

For his troubles, Arthur will take home $10,000, and he had this to say about his success, “winning prize money like this means you can dream, you can make plans, you can put ideas on paper for your next short. It’s part of the importance of a festival.” Congratulations to all who were chosen for the festival, to Fred Seibert, the Executive Director of the event, and his gang over at Frederator Studios.


  1. Buckjarky September 23, 2005

    Hi, I’m Buckjarky I make flash movies!
    Watch them at

  2. I’m glad Arthur won.
    I’ve always loved that crab short.
    Their high-pitched voices made me smile.

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