Nightmare City – Flash Rawk

Clairvoyance, the Japanese animation studio, has released a new Flash short, titled ‘Nightmare City: Catastrophe,’ to coincide with the recent Flashbomb event in Tokyo. It’s a follow-up to their ‘Nightmare City’ short from last year’s Flashbomb event, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. The special effects alone are worth the watch, and for those of you looking to create your next short, consider the rock-laden musical montage. Think about it – no lip sync.

Thanks to the Gil Crows website for the link.


  1. Great cutting, and pacing on this one!

  2. No doubt! The effects, sound, camerawork and edit ROCKED!!! Very cool…so fast…want more…

  3. these rock, i’ve watched them both at least a hundred times… CAN’T get enough… make more… for me…. lol

  4. Anonymous December 26, 2005

    This movie is sooooo cool i cant get enough of the serie!!! see “nightmare city” is the beeest;) there is both movies! and more…:-)

  5. Anonymous December 31, 2005

    ….that was soooooooo awsome!!!!! the music was realy cool…i like the red guy….make more i need more!

  6. Anonymous March 3, 2006

    The flashs you make are totally awsome! They have awsome music graphics and I love the plot. Please mkae more! I’ll be checking back!!!

  7. Sanjo Meow the yellow cat March 17, 2006


  8. Sanjo Meow the yellow cat March 17, 2006


  9. Richard March 19, 2006

    Wow, This rocks, i hope you make more, it reminds me of Final Fantasy 7, With Sephiorth, and Cloud and Tifa, And the second one is sad, Where the pink cat sacrifices herself and then dissapears, like tidus is ff10, great work!

  10. Anonymous March 25, 2006

    this movie just ROCKED !!!
    I think that the lyrics must be put online for everyone to see.

  11. Anonymous March 28, 2006

    Ya that was the most awsome flash I have ever seen please make more of the nightmare city one’s

  12. Anonymous April 24, 2006

    these movies are awesome!!111 must make more of these!! can’t resist urge to watch again and again!

  13. These films are made of WIN and GOD in a highly concentrated form. I’m really glad that the first was finally released with English because I was dying to know what was being said.

  14. Anonymous May 15, 2006

    did you know the red dude’s actually a girl? anyways, i love the flash!

  15. THIS SHOW IS GREAT IT”S PACE IS AWSOME YOU SHOULD MAAKE LOTS OF EPISODES LIKE NARUTO”S SHOW (but the thing i just watched is more than 100 times better)

  16. FierceDeity June 5, 2006

    Wow, very impressive, I can’t say I’ve seen better. One thing that you might want to add to “nc_catastrophe” is subtitles. Good Job.

  17. Has anyone else seen the parody at

    I thought it was pretty funny.

  18. Anonymous July 4, 2006

    hehehe i saw the pariody

  19. The StarMaster July 7, 2006

    Nightmare City. I can’t remember how many times I watched this before I ever knew about this page. I always liked it and I always will. How else can I put this…. Oh, yes: THE BEST!

  20. Seriousgirl July 12, 2006

    Nightmare city is the best flash!!! nightmare city 4ever!!!

  21. I totally love this! ive only seen it in japanese though. My favourite bit is when the pink cat sacrifices herself for him! that is so beautiful! (sniff) I must see it again! (sob)

  22. Hazard July 20, 2006

    These animations left me crying. Literally. I just had to go back to watch them again.

  23. Anonymous July 30, 2006

    That is totally fantastic. Completely outstanding. But what will happened next. What is going to happened with that brave Cat? Will he meet his girlfriend again? Somebody please tell me! I must know! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( .

  24. Anonymous August 11, 2006

    Songs are by 403. Nightmare City’s is called Southern Cross and Nightmare City – Catastrophe’s is Northern Lights. Lyrics and Song Downloads can be found at

  25. Anonymous August 11, 2006

    his new work.




  26. Anonymous August 17, 2006

    It lacked a storyline, but it was still intense. The creator of this movie could have an excellent career ahead of them. Keep ‘em comin!

  27. O.O This flash is incredible. If anyone says different they probably havent seen it

  28. You know Wikipeda doesn’t have an article about Nightmare City? I guess because nobody freaking understand any of this stuff. It’s awesome in itself, how this couple of movies can be so great even when the viewer has no idea what’s going on or why.

    Of course the work is technically impeccable, but beyond that it has a story, and impregnable as it is, I really really like it.

  29. hmm Jenny i understood what the whole movie was about even though it was kinda random
    and yes someone should make a wiki article on these movies..

  30. Max Aliron August 27, 2006

    Argubly the best flash ever created.

  31. Anonymous August 29, 2006

    where is the english version i must see it noooooow

  32. Anonymous August 29, 2006

    i say the parody is just as good as the real

  33. Anonymous November 25, 2006

    I had watched the movie a few months back,8/16/2006 06:41:58 PM to be exact,and I had the song stuck in my head for the entire time! It’s catchy! After that comment, I watched Nightmare City 1, and I finally got enough info on the story, I watched it again and again! The first time I watched it, the song alone put me in such a good mood, I thought I went insane! (I mean that in a good way.) MAKE A 3rd! MAKE A 3rd! MAKE A 3rd! MAKE A 3rd!

  34. Anonymous February 15, 2007

    *quote*These films are made of WIN and GOD in a highly concentrated form.*/end quote*


    I tried making a wiki article about it, but it got deleted for shortness and my inability to use html.

  35. Anonymous May 22, 2007

    Don’t take this wrong way. I’m an animator.

    The animation was lacking where it really needed to be smoother (when things were moving fast). Also, the plot is very disjointed and hard to follow. There are too many characters that seem important, but have no important parts, leaving the presentation without focus.

    It pains me to see nice artwork animated at low framerates, and/or with the whole “anime floating” thing going on. It’s kinda lazy. Actually animating the character is much more impressive.

    There’s potential here…

  36. Anonymous March 24, 2010

    Cool Flash to watch and awesome musics.

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