Ottawa Flash Animation Winners

The 2005 Ottawa International Animation Festival has come to a close, and 3 Flash animated projects have been hailed. In the ‘Animation Short Made for the Internet,’ Roque Ballesteros (Ghostbot), won for his ‘Mole in the City’ short, which is part of the ‘Happy Tree Friends’ universe. Roque’s work was hailed for its “for its bold art direction, comic timing and entertaining story.”

‘Manege Frei,’ a German Flash-animated short that was featured here a few months back, received ‘Special Mention’ in the same category.

In the ‘Television Series for Adults’ category, ‘Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law’ won for the ‘Birdman of Guantanamole’ episode. This Adult Swim show wasn’t always animated in Flash, but the more recent episodes have been.

Congratulations to all nominees and to the winners of OIAF 05!


  1. Thanks a million, Aaron! It was a great festival especially since I had the chance to meet a lot of fantastic people. The Flash community was internationally represented for sure. I have some cool links that I’ll pass on to you that I think you’ll dig.

    Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous March 11, 2007

    We would like to ask you for the price you would charge for your production of a three minute animation.
    The animation will be produced with FlashMX.
    This animation will show a three dimensional visual walk thru of the hotel we are showing on our web site.
    We will be getting nine more three minute productions divided into ten second clips.

    Hotels in Low Earth Orbit.
    Now for sale!
    For rent after opening day.

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