Peugeot’s Flash Animated Website

Peugeot, the French auto maker, has launched a Flash-animated website to promote their new compact car, the 1007. The site features black & white characters animated in a fantastic urban environment, complete with pancake and milk carton buildings. The look and feel has the sensibility of Shel Silverstein’s work. Click the links at the top to see several animated sequences, and roll over various items on the perimeter of the site to see other little animated bits. Thanks to for the link.

***** UPDATE *****

In the comments below, Matt (who I believe is the CEO) from Ehn Brann, the company behind this Peugeot website, pointed out that this website recently won a Bronze Lion at the 2005 Cannes Lions event. Congrats!


  1. Hope you like it, we ( did this site for Peugeot, it won a bronze lion in the automotive category at Cannes.

    < MaTT / >

  2. um, the names just a coincidence, I was the developer on the project.

    thanks anyhow

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