Poo’s World

I spotted another excellent Flash-animated project on Gil Crow’s blog this morning. This one is titled ‘Tsuchikemuri Takada-no-baba,’ and I believe it’s by a Japanese animator named Poo. There’s almost no re-use animation here, as Poo has excellent traditional animation skills. Give this one a minute to build, and it won’t disappoint.

You can also see his earlier work titled, ‘Jirotyou Sangokushi,’ which is equally as stunning. And Poo seems to be putting together a movie titled ‘Poo’s World,’ and it appears that he’s posting scenes as he creates them.


  1. Andre Moore September 29, 2005

    this is pretty cool! i like the look of it. Took awhile to load and its missing some sound effects but over all its a good animated clip!

  2. There’s some great animation in there. I wonder how Poo gets that look in flash? Do you think he draws everything by hand and then scans in the computer or does he draw it digitally with a wacom or cintiq tablet?

  3. Aaron Simpson September 30, 2005

    Hey, Alan.

    I’m thinking you’re right – he probably goes the Wacom route (I’ve just learned the proper pronunciation rhymes with ‘sock’em’) drawing straight into the computer. It’s an awfully big effort, from a drawing perspective. And the camera moves are pretty ballsy too.

    Congrats on your studios’ big award!


  4. It’s a hardcore effort for sure but the handdrawn stuff definitely gives the piece a vitality and energy to it.

    Thanks for the kudos Aaron.I’m just riding on the Ballesteros coat tails, All part of the master plan…. BWAHAHAHA!

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