The Eggs – Flash Animated Yokes

B&T Entertainment and Funbag Animation have teamed up hatch a new Flash-animated series called ‘The Eggs.’ The show is aimed at the preschool gang, and it stars four aptly-named eggs – Benedict, Sunnyside, Yolky and Scramble. The series is currently airing in Australia on The Nine Network, and a worldwide distribution plan is now in place for the 52 eleven-minute episodes.

‘The Eggs’ is a musical show, and the 4 stars of the show “have been given the task to go out into space to explore and to find new sounds.” Los Angeles-based entertainment company B Wooding Media is helping to distribute the show, and a short promo clip of ‘The Eggs’ is currently available on their site.


  1. Cool.
    Don’t know if anyone cares or not but this project was done entirley illustrator and after effects.

  2. Aaron Simpson October 19, 2005

    I didn’t talk to anyone who works on the production – just going off what I read over at C21 Media –

    “The Eggs is a copro between Funbag Animation Studios in Canada and B&T Entertainment in Australia. Targeting children between the ages of four and eight, the FLASH-ANIMATED series is about a group of crazy cosmic eggs from the planet Kazoo.”

    How did you hear about the production? Did you work on it?


  3. As a matter of fact I did! I worked for the studio that was subcontracted to do the animation. It was great fun and a lot of hard work. i hope it airs here in Canada at some point.

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