JibJab Visit

The other night I stopped by JibJab headquarters to visit with brothers Evan and Gregg Spiridellis. I got to tour their cool new studio, see their green screen set-up, their animation production room and view a few sneak previews of upcoming projects. What a thrill. It’s so inspirational to see a relatively small team pumping out projects (like their recent ‘Big Box Mart’) that premiere on Jay Leno, and then go on to be viewed by 10s of millions of viewers online. When you line up what JibJab pulls off from their westside studio, it’s quite impressive. They create, develop and produce their own properties; they distribute to a massive audience online and beyond; they partner with media empires like MSN – all while maintaining ownership of their properties and brands.

We finished the night by discussing the future of mobile entertainment, broadband networks, new ad models, the marvels and restrictions of Flash and who’s getting it right on the web. It was a very entertaining evening, and quite enlightening. Thanks, guys!


  1. So you ain’t gonna give us any backstage passes? Come on, I want to see some stuff! :P

  2. It’s fantastic to see web pioneers like these guys reaping the rewards of forward thinking and perseverance. Their ability to maintain ownership of content is due to their ability to draw an audience without the aid of traditional distributors. The establishment of their own distribution mechanism and audience generation is now leading to greater opportunities within the traditional structures. I believe one of their most admirable assets is having a point of view.

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