Click Here Polishes Off Flash Shorts

I recently spotted a posting over at, which pointed to a series of web-only animated commercials for Kiwi Express Shoe Polish. As I watched the spots I noticed that particular whiff of Flash animation. I was even more certain after viewing a Flash-animated banner featuring the same Kiwi bird.

Hoping to get an answer, I contacted the agency, Click Here, which is the Dallas-based, online unit of The Richards Group. An account supervisor confirmed my suspicions, and then he helped me dig up a few answers from his team.

How big was the team that produced these spots?
The team comprises 12 people. Roughly half the team was from the offline agency who worked on the print and films. The other half was from its sister interactive agency who built the site and ad units.

What software other than Flash was used to create the spots?
The spots were created using Flash and After Effects.

I love the short POV shot with the double-stump pirate, the BVD boombox head character and the two-headed punkers. Who was the character designer on the project?
We had the privilege of working with Saiman Chow out of LA. He designed the wacky characters within the films to complement the clientÂ’s longstanding and widely recognized Kiwi Bird icon.

What was the inspiration behind the series?
The creatives were sitting around one afternoon prior to the assignment talking about all-time coolest cartoon characters. Of course, you canÂ’t have this conversation without mentioning the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Their classic chase scenes always revolved around Wile E.Â’s improvised (yet highly ineffective) attempts to catch up with his naturally speedy arch nemesis. Later, after we learned the product we would be promoting was the crazy fast and convenient Kiwi Express, we revisited this earlier conversation, and adapted it for the Kiwi Bird, minus the highly ineffective part.

The Kiwi Flash banners are distributed as SWFs, while the shorts are in Quicktime or Windows Media format. Did the team approach the web banners any differently than the 1-minute shorts?
We explored a couple of different options when it came to the format of the films. Ultimately we decided to have dual formats (Windows and Quicktime) as those seemed to react well when we compressed the original film file (which was over 300 mb). The approach for the Web banners was much different, as we used the storyboard of the films to determine which elements we wanted in the banners. Once we decided that direction, we had to re-create many of the elements/characters for use within the banner.

Is this series only going to live on the internet, or are there plans to extend these elsewhere?
The current plans are for the animated portion of this campaign to live exclusively on the internet (there is also a print portion of this campaign featuring the Kiwi bird). However all assets were in a hi-res capacity in case we ever bring this campaign to TV.

Congrats to the whole team – excellent work!

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