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As you may have already read on the Ghostbot blog or at Centripetal Notion, Channel Frederator is now live. What, you ask, is Channel Frederator? Well, it’s free cartoons, if you must know. It’s podcasting, and Frederator, the studio behind ‘The Fairly Oddparents’ and Nextoons: The Nicktoons Film Festival, is offering up 10-15 minute episodes chock-full of the hottest music videos, commercials and shorts. So far, they’ve released 3 episodes, and you can access them from either the Channel Frederator website, or at the iTunes Music Store, where it’s currently ranked 30th on the most-downloaded list. Did we mention that it’s free?

Wait, what does this have to do with Flash animation, you foolishly ask. Channel Frederator broadcasts Flash animated shorts, like Dave Thomas’ ‘Mantelope,’ which was part of a Cold, Hard Flashback edition, not long ago. ‘War Photographer,’ Joel Trussell’s awesome Flash-animated music video is also playing on Channel Frederator.

And check this out – they want your work to appear on their next episode. According to Frederator’s Melissa Wolfe, “Channel Frederator is all about material submitted by you.” So listen to Melissa and head over to the submission page and give it a try.


  1. Any idea how many subscribers Channel Frederator has so far?

  2. Aaron Simpson November 15, 2005

    No, but I’ve known the Frederator team stop by these parts, so you might get yourself a response here soon…

  3. Fred Seibert November 15, 2005

    Aaron, Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. We love Cold,Hard,Flash and all your fans and filmmakers.

    Chris, We’re at about 50,000 subs (mostly from iTunes, some from RSS and other podcasting sites) and growing fast.

    Spread the word, send us your films.

    Thanks again.

  4. Eric Homan November 15, 2005

    Thanks for the plug, Aaron. CHF has been a great resource for tracking down films. Another short you’ve featured, Jessica Borutski’s “I Like Pandas”, is in today’s episode.

  5. Melissa Wolfe November 15, 2005

    Aaron, it was great seeing this post! Thanks so much, and keep it comin’. We love the CHF.

  6. d'elegance November 16, 2005

    Channel Frederator is great!

    You have to check out episode 4 where they featured some short voicemail calls between a couple shorts, something about it just struck me as brilliant.

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