Yam Roll Series Preview

There are few shows I’m anticipating more than ‘The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom,’ a new series due out on Canada’s CBC in 2006. This Flash animated property first aired online as part of March Entertainment’s Maple Shorts program, and sure enough – it won. Cold, Hard Flash was covering the victory back in June – hoping for a full season of episodes, and now we’re only a few months off.

Two bits of news on Jon Izen and Jono Howard’s ‘Yam Roll.’ First, the website is up (thanks Lia), and there’s a new, short animated introduction (click on ‘short’) to the world of Yam Roll, Happy Kingdom’s lovelorn cab driver. We meet a slew of new characters, all of whom you’ve met at the local sushi restaurant. You can also browse through a character gallery, and read up on the large season one ensemble.

The other news is March Entertainment, the animation production company behind the series, is looking for Flash animators. Unless you’re already there, you’ll have to relocate to Sudbury, a town in northeastern Ontario, Canada. Send resumes to resumes@marchentertainment.com or head over to the March Entertainment career page for more info.

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