The Unbreakables

Okay, this post has NOTHING to do with Flash animation, but I couldn’t help myself. My cousin, Liz Harvetine, and her husband John Harvetine IV have created a claymation short called ‘The Unbreakables – Operation Egg Drop.’ It’s quite clever and much in the vein of ‘Mr. Bill,’ and they’ll be releasing behind-the-scenes photos and info here shortly. In other news, John and Liz recently finished working on ‘Moral Orel: The Best Christmas Ever,’ a stop-motion special on Adult Swim that begins airing tonight, December 13th, at midnight. You can see a clip from the show over at the Adult Swim website.


  1. The Unbreakables look great, it’s really fun to watch. Do you have any more episodes, and do you have anymore information about the claymation makers?


  2. That was rad! Thanks for posting that.


  3. Liz Harvatine January 16, 2006

    Hi Gary,
    “The Unbreakables” was made by my husband John Harvatine IV and myself. You can check out more of our work at This is the only episode as of now but we do have plans for more Unbreakables action to be produced in Flash, so stay tuned!

    -Liz Harvatine

  4. samantha June 6, 2008

    wow i didn’t know my aunt and uncle made so many things. wow. yep thats what i said my uncle is john haravtine IV and his wive is my aunt liz. you should really see there website it is so cool.

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