The 33rd Annual Annies Awards

The 33rd Annual Annie Awards were held last night at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California. This ceremony was hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood, whose members voted on awards ranging from ‘Best Animated Television Commercial’ to ‘Best Writing in an Animated Feature Production.’

Flash animation was represented by Cartoon Network’s ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’ and Disney’s ‘The Buzz on Maggie.’ ‘Foster’s’ was nominated for a total of 5 awards:

Best Animated Television Production

Character Design in an Animated Television Production – Shannon Tindle

Directing in an Animated Television – Craig McCracken

Production Music in an Animated Television Production – James L. Venable, Jennifer Kes Remington (won)

Production Design in an Animated Television Production – Mike Moon, Craig McCracken, Dave Dunnet, Martin Ansolabehere (won)

Jorge Gutierrez from ‘The Buzz on Maggie’ was nominated for Best Character Design in an Animated Television Production. Keep your eyes peeled for news on Jorge’s new show ‘El Tigre,’ which was recently green-lit by Nickelodeon. I managed to see a version of the Flash-animated pilot, which he co-created with his wife Sandra Equihua, and it was simply stunning. Think Fosters-level animation in an action show. I got the chance to work with Jorge on his first project out of school – ‘El Macho.’ I knew then that it was just a matter of time before he landed a series or two. I’ll start my groveling now to see if I can get a still image of ‘El Tigre’ for CHF.


  1. Dave Logan February 6, 2006

    Great to hear about Foster’s, that show is fun just to watch and is just an amasing use of Flash and After Effects etc. Congrats all!

  2. sigh…I must say its nice to see Mike Moon’s name in something again!

  3. Aaron Simpson February 7, 2006

    ZSL – did you see his name here…

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