Edgar & Ellen’s Flash Follies

‘Edgar & Ellen’ are hoping to haunt their way into your house, one way or the other. There’s the book series, the Nicktoons Shorts and now the feature-length movies are being planned. Star Farm Productions, the Chicago-based entertainment company, surely sees a ‘Harry Potter’ trajectory for this book series published by Simon & Schuster, and I’d imagine they’re on the right track.

‘Edgar & Ellen’ follows the adventures of a set of twins who torment the people of Nod’s Limbs. Nicktoons recently got into the game, airing 12 Flash-animated shorts that were produced by Studio B Productions. According to Screenmag.com, “The whole process took about five months to complete, including both creation and editing. Each short averages out to about two minutes.”

You can watch two of the shorts over on the ‘Edgar & Ellen’ website – ‘Winter Blunderland’ and ‘SPF Twins.’


  1. Thanks for sharing. That is beautiful work. The concept and the animation is really nice.

  2. Anonymous February 14, 2006

    Yeah. Just what we need. Another scary little cute kid. How many are there now?

  3. Anonymous September 10, 2006

    We love Edgar & Ellen – they rule – thanks for bringing them to us

  4. I’m very fond of this show. Unlike most shows with creepie children who use their mischeif to save the day, these two try and ruin it as much as possible. It’s got all the mandatory fixs of a childrens show with enough interesting perks to make it worth watching. The characters are so deviously lovable you don’t even have to watch the whole episode, though I highly reccomend it.

  5. hey thanks for them…. it rocks and i love them.


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