Flash Animated Mustache Contest

I missed the boat on Mike Hollingsworth’s clever short back in August of last year, but it’s worth another look. It’s titled ‘Mustache Contest’ and it features the creatures of the deep – a starfish, a squid, a whale and an octopus. Mike is an animator living in Los Angeles, and he and his friend Brittney Crump started Baby Bird Comics. ‘Mustache Contest’ grew from a comic, and has faired well over at Newgrounds.com.

I spotted Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob) in the credits, and it makes sense, as I’ve read that Mike is also a comedian – like Tom. Or we’re all getting ink squirted in our faces, which is entirely possible.

Spotted at transbuddha.com.


  1. Stephen Studios February 23, 2006

    Bitchin… Ha such a funny short!

  2. SuperPope February 23, 2006

    This is one of the finalists over at The Greatest Story Never Told this year.


  3. The way the fish float up after being shot is brilliant.

  4. mike hollingsworth February 27, 2006

    i had to google myself to discover i had made it onto cold hard flash! (googling myself on sunday night, sadness) anywho, i’m totally pleased to the max to be recognized by such a fine website. setting the record straight. i am a comedian. this particular tom kenny manages a restaurant in echo park. and baby bird comics is all me baby.

  5. Anonymous March 15, 2006

    it’s 2D roots…


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