Flash News Round-up

Alan Houser, Roy Smith and Terry Coffey are three brainiac podcasters known as the Bionic Genius. They recently spoke (MP3) with Gregg Spiridellis, one half of the brother-duo behind JibJab Media. Many a Flash-animated topic was covered.

Macromedia’s Scott Fegette’s custom easing tool tutorial (thanks to Kevin Elam)

‘Who Stole Santa’s Sack?’ is underway at Renegade Animation in Glendale, California. It’s their first feature, and I hear this Flash-animated project is being done in record time. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “the story centers on little Sophiana who helps Santa recover his magical sack of toys just in time to save Christmas.”

Mediateck, an Indian animation studio is releasing a 90-minute Flash-animated feature film focusing on Indian philosopher Acharya Ramanuja.

Citizens for Global Solutions has announced a Flash animation contest based on the theme of ‘America’s Role in the World.’ Top prize is $2,000.


  1. Anonymous February 23, 2006

    Someone reeeeeeally needs to notify the client that “Santa’s Sack” doesn’t really make me think of Christmas…

  2. Mr. Bill's Dog February 23, 2006

    That Indian movie looks great, man.

  3. Señor Chips February 23, 2006

    you are a well of information, too bad it’s all about flash. you could have saved the world simpy!

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