The Reality of Camp TV

The creators of 6teen, the Canadian show that recently sold to Nickelodeon, have begun working on their next project. Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch of Fresh Animation have created a new project called ‘Camp TV,’ and they’ve put their project in the capable hands of Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton at Neptoon Studios. It’s being billed as a reality show send-up that dumps a group of teens at a dingy camp in Canada.

Joining Todd and Mark on this Flash-animated project are some big names in the Flash community, including Jared Deal and Joel Trussell, the man behind the amazing ‘War Photographer’ video.

They’re producing a 2-minute promo, and then Todd and Mark will stay on to direct 26 episodes for Teletoon. Follow the production over at the Neptoon Studios blog – great looking stuff, guys.


  1. ThatsMyBoys February 16, 2006

    Looks cool…can’t wait to see it!

  2. well just to let you no, this didnt go to far there is a new tv series that they made called total drama island and then the sequal total drama action which is in progress right now and i think so but not posotive beth wins total drama action and courtney is in the finale owen won total drama island and beth is a MAYBE so watch it people from canada and people from the usa including me from new york tda premieres in june

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