Shuriken Goes Live in Europe

‘Shuriken School’ has arrived. It’s one of the newest, and best-looking Flash animated shows on TV. Xilam, a Paris-based animation studio, has partnered with Jetix in Europe and Nicktoons in the US to bring us a show that “follows the extraordinary adventures of 10 year old hero Eizan Kaburagi and his friends during their first year at an under-funded ninja school.”

Below is a video clip from the official show website.

You can also download three SWF videos here – 01 02 03.

Other vector-based SWF files can be found here.


  1. Anonymous February 24, 2006

    that doesn’t look like your typical Flash, great stuff. thanks for .swf links too

  2. Stephen Studios February 24, 2006

    ehh. the animation isnt one of the best on tv aaron, i mean, look at fosters home for imaginary friends… Steve. Thanks for .swf’s as well!

  3. Aaron Simpson February 24, 2006

    Stephen – of course it’s all subject to taste, but what I particularly like about Shuriken is that it’s probably not recognizable as a ‘Flash show.’ Sure, we all can tell, but the audience, and executives won’t. That’s a plus for Flash.


  4. Anonymous February 25, 2006

    Best looking? Those mouths are annoying manga-crap-style and the animation is sub-par. Looks like flash to me.

  5. Youtube clips run like poo for me.
    When oh when will I bite the bullet and buy a faster pc? :(

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