Flash Animation Opportunities

Back in January of this year, AOL and Mark Burnett, the producer of ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Apprentice,’ announced an online treasure hunt. Actual gold pieces will be hidden around the US, and clues to their whereabouts will be embedded in various online puzzles. The site will also feature a variety of original content, and the producers of the show are currently looking for talent. They’re after animators, writers and producers – and you can contact Whitney Minson who will be reviewing work samples. Call her at 310/801-9717 or email at minsonw@aol.com.

Also, the Cortoons International Animation Festival, held in Rome, is currently accepting entries for ‘Best Animation Realized With Flash.’ The deadline is in two days, so get your materials together – there’s no entry fee. Link spotted on Flashmagazine.com – and thanks to Alan Jones.


  1. Ian Copeland March 29, 2006

    There doesn’t appear to be online submission for Flash entries to cortoons; the application has a snail mail address and the organizers insist material be submitted “by ordinary mail”.

  2. Stephen Levinson March 30, 2006

    This is def an awsome opportunity for me! Thanks Aaron!


  3. Stephen Levinson April 4, 2006

    That person doesnt answer emails. -Steve

  4. Anonymous May 20, 2006

    who is whitney minson

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