Frog Punch Friday

There’s already been several posts here on CHF about the work of the Chinese studio Its Cartoon. Here we see many types of animals competing for the love one woman. And in the end, a frog punches her in the face. Wha?

(SWF link)


  1. Anonymous March 17, 2006

    This my 8th time seeing this. awesome art style, Perfect music, plenty of colors, nice story, and so very well animated. I love it! (as I do most things I’v seen from ITS CARTOON)

  2. Stephen Levinson March 18, 2006

    Go figures, japenesse animators get a hold of flash and its magic!! That was very well animated!!! I really enjoyed it! The characters were drawn nicely and the story was good to boot! They should come out with a fll length movie in english! -Steve

  3. Haha

    I’m so used to the kind of Asian short animations of some rounded characters with triangle mouth shapes hitting each other, or running around.

    This is a great step up. Same humor (which I love!) with much better animation :D

    You know, last time I was in Thailand I went to the animation festival. I saw couple school in China trying to recruit the students. Apparently they already have quite a few students from different part of Asia attending the school. Pretty strong student work, and the courses are in English.

    Too bad I can’t remember the name of the school now.

  4. This was fun.

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