Kappa Mikey – A Cult Hit?

Another Kappa Mikey Youtube clip below. Seems to have some good internet buzz – and the traditional media latched on too. Design aside, anyone here a fan of this Flash animated, adult-aimed show?


  1. Stephen Levinson March 20, 2006

    Nope Aaron. Not a fan at all!! I ha ve mentioned on the other posts that its not what they claim. They say its an american style cartoon in a anime env w/anime characters. Ok First off, The animation on anime shows is very well animated. In this show they WAY over exaturate the animae style. They over to the huge expressions, they have to many of those colored backgrounds, and its just over done. Also someone pointed out that the only reason they say its american style cartoon is because the character Mikey has thick lines. American cartoons are much different than what mikey is shown as. Im def not a fan! Also they dont even do in-betweens on the anime characters. You will see the front of them, then next frame would be the side. The only good thing animated in my opinion is their mouths. Thats pretty well animated. If they want to make a show the way they claim it to be, then cancel the show, get anime animators in the studio, get classical american animators in the studio with them, then come up with a better plot, better flash animators if they make it flash and animate it. I mean, didnt everyone see how well the anime flash short was, posted on CHF? It was amazingly done!


  2. ESTEBANValdez March 20, 2006

    Well, different folks different strokes. Having a keen eye for anime is a tribute many people wish to acquire, but also seeing the conceptual nature of other creators is another. If you’re not a fan, its okay. The show is geared towards children anyways so you are more than welcome to change the channel but crushing on the work of hard working individuals is another. Though, its not fair to bash on the animators who are working hard on that show. As a former animator on the series, there were many talented animators from different backgrounds work together on a satire regarding the cultural differences of animation. We had people from former disney studios, japan, korea, guys from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network working hard day in and Day out to produce a complete in-house production.

    Though isn’t CHF a place where we can gather together to further enhance the knowledge and well being of animation, not a stomping ground for things we’re not a part of?

  3. Aaron Simpson March 20, 2006

    vdez – In a perfect world, yes this would be a place where we support eachother more often than we tear eachother down. But, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I for one respect that right.

    But your thoughts completely mirror what I envision for the site – if I had to choose between CHF being about crit or craft, I’ll go with craft. We’re all in the same (very small) boat together, and we need studios helping studios, artists helping artists and everyone focusing on creating the best work we can. And, as an aside, constructive crit is the best, IMO.

    But with the anonymous option available for commenting, we’ll surely get a heavy dose of bashing too. C’est la vie!


  4. Stephen Levinson March 20, 2006

    Vdez, i agree with you too. I agree this is more a craft then crit, but for this cartoon im criting. Im sure there are many people from all over working on this short, but look at fosters home for imaginary friends. Thats an amazingly well done, when i watch that short i dont think that there are people from all over working on it, or mabye people in need of money, im watching the quality and plot of that cartoon.


  5. dudeman March 21, 2006

    I think on a technical level it looks good, but I am so tired of the WACKY nature of so many animated shows today. I’m tired of parody, and i’m tired of weak satire. I blame this solely on the writing of course. I feel bad when artists slave over something and its turned to shit with a weak premise/script. And I know, I’ve been there. This show seems no different. The wacky voiceover, the hack premise, etc. Maybe I’m just burnt out, or I’ve never cared to watch childrens cartoons…even if I had to work on them at some point.

  6. Friedrich Schiller March 21, 2006

    As someone connected to the show, but who hasn’t actually worked on it, I think I can fairly, objectively claim that the show is, well, good. It’s very nicely animated–on what I understand is a pretty small budget–and the show only gets funnier as it goes along, judging on the upcoming episodes I’ve seen and the scripts I’ve read. Don’t be too quick to judge is what I’m saying.

  7. Rosenberg & Pittinsky March 21, 2006


    I respect your opinion.

    If you would afford me the same consideration, please compare that Kappa Mikey clip to this one:


    Do you honestly still think Kappa Mikey is “very nicely animated” ?

  8. dudeman March 21, 2006

    unfortunately kids don’t care is something is animated on 30s or even 5s…and I can’t say I blame them. they want a good story and characters…and those are pretty rare.

  9. Rosenberg & Pittinksy March 22, 2006

    “unfortunately kids don’t care is something is animated on 30s or even 5s…and I can’t say I blame them. they want a good story and characters…and those are pretty rare.”


    I cared when I was a kid and I care now.

    Whenever I saw something like Scooby-Doo or Speed Racer, I always felt like cynical adults were just cranking out cheap garbage to keep costs down.

    I was right then and I’m right now.

    I agree about the rarity of good story & characters, though… :)

  10. Anonymous April 8, 2006

    I really like the show. It’s different from your usual cartoon.
    I made a bran new Kappa Mikey site at http://www.kappamikeyfans.net

  11. Mr. Tatami April 12, 2006

    Rosenberg & Pittinksy said… “I was right then and I’m right now.”

    Ah, but were you arrogant back then, too?

    Listen, after South Park, you can do anything you want, as long as it’s funny, and Mikey is.

    And that Terrytoons clip, as lushly animated as it is, makes it look like the cat is made out of a water balloon! More drawings don’t make it better.

  12. Stephen Levinson April 25, 2006

    Mr. Tatami “Listen, after South Park, you can do anything you want, as long as it’s funny, and Mikey is.”

    Thats not true. South park is funny. Kappa Mikey is not. Southpark animation is ad, but it doesnt matter if the story is hillarious. Kappa Mikey is animated ok, but its story sucks! And yea, actually more drawings give for smoother animation, kappa mikey desperitaley needs inbetween drawings. More drawings DO make it better, what ar eyou talking about?


  13. Mr. Tatami April 25, 2006

    “More drawings DO make it better, what ar eyou talking about?” -Steve

    Tell that to Bill Plympton. And that Terrytoons cat DOES look like a water balloon.

    And while you don’t think Kappa’s funny, I do, and I therefore deem it worthy of existing, even in it’s limited animation state. So there. I heard they’re saving all the tweening for the movie. ;)

  14. Stephen Levinson April 26, 2006

    “I heard they’re saving all the tweening for the movie. ;)

    If so, I guess my 5yr old cuzin could make an animation better than me. They’re not saving it for the movies. If in-betweens arent needed, why dont they just have animatics and call it animation?? In betweens do make animation better, because it makes the movement look realistic. and animation IS “The act, process, or result of imparting life” underline “IMPARING LIFE” Yea of coarse some people are going to find a show funny. I bet there has NEVER been 1 show that got cancelled that people like. Just because some do, doesnt MAKE you the majority. You said “therefore deem it worthy of existing” Well i think it isnt worthy of existance. The character may look to you like a water baloon, yet its animated AMAZINGLY!! Kappa Mikey doesnt look like any american style cartoon I’ve ever seen, why dont I go on and on about that? Man, learn animation, and then come talking to me about why there should be more inbetweens.


  15. Stephen Levinson April 26, 2006

    “why there should be more inbetweens.”
    Change to:

    why inbetweens should be saved for movies

  16. Mr. Tatami April 26, 2006

    “cuzin”… “IMPARING LIFE”… “of coarse”… “existance”… “baloon”…

    Tell you what: I’ll learn animation when you learn how to spell, genius.

    And we ALREADY determined that if a show was funny it didn’t MATTER how lushly animated it was, didn’t we? So your little crusade for tweening is moot (again, talk to Plympton).

    The only real issue here is that you don’t think Kappa is funny and I do. Let’s stay focused, shall we?

  17. Sultan June 15, 2006

    To be honest, I watched this show twice and both times I thought it sucked.
    The character design is horrid, the animation is so bad it brings tear to my eyes, the voice acting is terrible and the plot sucks.

  18. Xela267 August 11, 2006

    Dude Kappa Mikey sucks ass.

  19. Stephen Studios August 18, 2006

    Sultan, you are 100% correct!


  20. Anonymous August 21, 2006

    Kappa Mikey is animation for TELEVISION, to be aired on a weekly basis. It’s no lie that the animation quality could be improved, but we have to remember that aside from it being a parody of japanese anime, its budget and time schedule probably differs greatly from an animated feature film, which most likely would have great animation quality. And anyways look at the response: Kappa Mikey did so well on Nicktoons that it was brought over to Nickelodeon. Somebodies out there must think it’s worth watching. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but please give it a chance, there are many people working very hard for this show.

  21. Anonymous September 11, 2006

    Animation Collective is opening another floor in one of their 3 studios… they can afford to increase the quality instead of opening another floor. Whether someone spends 5 years on a project or 3 months, if the story sucks and the animation is bad I don’t care how much effort they put in it.

    Kappa Mikey is so bad. Mikey doesn’t even look like a regular american styled cartoon. Make a cartoon guy who looks more like mickey mouse and then we’ll talk.

    Also the anime part which is supposed to be stiff and not as well animated is stupid.. these guys need to study their japanese shows and see how anime is really done

  22. Well, it isn’t supposed to be like REAL anime, and they know it. It’s off the wall, it’s wacky, it’s way too much with the ‘overly animated eyes, runneing love interest joke, and stupid person’ jokes. But it does it for a reason. It’s PARODYing anime, not mimicking it. Micky doesn’t look like a normal american cartoon char, because he’s meant to stand out. It’s that feeling we all get when in a weird place, it feels like we’re different from everyone else. It’s really quite a funyn concept. An america, layd back, supressed person getting thrown into a zany, odd-ball, wacky world where it’s normal to them, and HE’S the weird one. Plus, Gonard used to voice Goku. That’s enough right there.

  23. the only reason you guys are defending this this is cause your being paid too.. how sad!

  24. Hey my name is Darren and im 14 and ive been reading these comments and i just have to say something that me and my friends think.

    Kappa mikey is awesome, i love watching it every night, it and the way they’re drawn is hillarious. I like how they show emotion like when someone deflates like a balloon or a fire engines horn rings to tell you the person is suprised. I’ve been missing a lot of sleep to watch this cartoon cause it only comes on at 10:30 and the i watch other stuff, but anyway, I don’t care if the lily-mu segments are cheap, there still cool. Gonard has got to be one of my favorite characters, the weirdest things happen to him, like a cow and calf stuck in his throat, it’s strange but funny.

    The point is me and many other kids like me don’t care about the animation or if mikey isn’t really an american style character, it still rocks.

  25. you see… this “darren” is one of the “boss’s” paid guys who is suppose to make good comments about the show.

    How sad is it that the company has to hire people to do that… seriously. And take it from someone whos 16, this guy isnt talking like a 14year old.. even bad con-artists are hired..SAD!

  26. Madeleine March 13, 2007

    Bashing a TV show is fine, as long as you understand that there are people out there who do enjoy it and you have to respect their opinions as well.

    I’m a fan of Kappa Mikey, and enjoy the show tons. Just because their animation standards aren’t up to anime feature film quality, doesn’t mean it’s terrible. I find it hilarious, and discrediting someone else’s work because it’s different and funny to OTHERS is ridiculous itself.

    Plus, the theme music is awesome. Beat Crusaders did a great job, I’ve even got the song on my mp3, lolz.


  28. DCEnigma August 18, 2007

    Kappa Mikey Sucks, The plot is horible (a ticket floats from Japan to America) The humor is low brow (fart jokes are abundant) the animation is low grade and the characters are paper thin as far as personality goes (Mikey is stupid,Ozu is angry) The show is bad on all levels and will have about one good joke an episode and in a rare case a decent running gag (the script assasine) I know this because my younger brother is a fan and defends the show with this line. “I dont care if it’s stupid, I like it for mindless fun”. enough said.

  29. I am very wary of this show. Though, my curiosity got the best of me. I tuned in and could bear no more than 10 minutes. This show lacks on every level possible. As it’s been mentioned before, the script is feeble. It lacks in entertainment value. The animation is of poor quality. Sure, Foster’s was done in flash and it looks sketchy, but the animation is beautiful and smooth. The characters are blah. I understand the entire show is meant to be a jab at anime, but none of it is.. funny. It feels like it’s been done before, which it has. And this time around, it hurts. So very mediocre, like most of Nick’s shows.

  30. I love this show, its cute and it has many funny things about it. Im fine if people insult it, as long as they don’t insult the people who actually do like it. Im 13 and I know people who hate cartoons who actually love kappa mikey for its charming yet immature humor. and by the way FART jokes are funny! Lol.

  31. Dio, do you think many cartoon watchers care about quality? Theres many game players who don’t care about graphics because they just like the plot of the games. Pac man is old and just gets older, but people still love it because its a classic. I feel you are overlooking the ahow beacuse of the animation, which i must saym isnt even that bad people!! Sometimes you need to sit down, relax your eyes and just watch you you do with other shows. Theres always someone who like a underated show that toher people hate, and thats a normal thing. This is one of thos cases. If you hate kappa mikey, fine whatever, but i really do feel people take things much to seriously, people need to relax and just enjoy things like a peice of abstract art or something.

  32. The show is kid aimed, if they aimed it to adults then why would it be on a kids channel? It even says so it many articles “kid show” how do some people get confused about this it makes no sense.

  33. I saw it on TV this morning. I didn’t like it at all.
    The lack of plot bothers me, and the art isn’t pretty enough. [I can't stand watching ugly cartoons. I know it's shallow, but still...]

    No one here knows about it. I don’t really care whether it’s anime or not – the show is extremely boring, in my opinion. I hadn’t even heard of it before I turned on the TV this morning.

    Mostly, I prefer Japanese cartoons over American ones. The plots tend to be deeper, and an actual story is involved. I do like a lot of American cartoons though.

  34. Me i watch te show (not offten)
    and man does it suck!!!
    Mikey so thick and everyone else is flat,
    its not even properly anime.
    everyone is so fu*cking ugly.
    Larry Shwartz stop making series
    kappa Mikey,Three delivery?
    hell no!!!! i am only 11 and thinks the show sucks.

  35. Hey, leave the animation alone. It is not supposed to be smooth. The animation is copying the old-style of anime. You know like the black and white Astro Boy, Kimba, Speed Racer… get the picture? and as for the thin storyline? PA-RO-DY! Does that mean nothing?! it is a freaking parody! it’s not supposed to be an intense drama story! It’s purpose is to make you laugh… Like Mad TV. It’s a funny, PARODY, you don’t have to like it, and if you don’t, don’t trash it! ♠

  36. Bill Nye, the science guy December 30, 2008

    a parody???? even as a parody sucks animation’s phallus!!! DX

  37. No name June 11, 2009

    Listen i watch the show not for the animation in my opinion i hate the 3d effects. But who cares if they look dumb the show is about humor everytime i watch kappa mikey its hilarious because its strange and stupid in a good way. So stop bashing this show its not supposed to have this amazing dramtic story like shadow says it supposed to be a good amount of randomness that only kappa mikey can provide!!!

  38. Haha at a bunch of grown ass people fighting over the quality of a children’s program, shall we critique the quality of Powerpuff girls next? Lol seriously get real folks, people will love the show and people will hate it. I am a fan of the show and will continue being a fan no matter what you say about it. End of story.

  39. Kappa Mikey is a wish fulfillment of foreign anime fans who wants to make anime. It is the Megatokyo of animation. The humour in Kappa Mikey is shallow, It sucks in all levels. I can’t find anything redeeming about it.


  40. im an anime watcher i prefer anime over cartoons i watch cartoons though and kappa mikey is really entertaining in its own way,sure its plot-less and the quality of the animation isnt good enough but i enjoy watching kappa mikey (my favourite episode is the battle of the bands!! ori and yuri look really cute just like mitsuki and lily

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