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I visited my first Los Angeles Flash Users (LAFU) event a couple weeks back, and it was packed. It was held at Almer/Blank on March 15th. Why? Because one of the founders of Almer/Blank, R Blank, also founded the LAFU. And if you didn’t know, Almer/Blank is an interactive media company that received a nomination at the 2005 Flash in the Can Awards for their IKEA PAX Wardrobe project. Here’s a picture snapped at the event.

(L to R) me, Al from Animax, Silvia Pompei, Chris Charlton, Warren Fuller, Tim Jones, January (?), and our host, R Blank

Most of the discussions that night were about websites and media players, but on April 19th at 7pm it’s all about the animation. The event is called Masters of Flash Character Animation, and while I’m surely no master, I’ll be joined by Sandro Corsaro and the Animax gang as we discuss the current state of Flash animation.

And don’t miss Chris Georgenes’ Flash 8 Character Animation presentation on April 7th and 8th at Almer/Blank in Venice, California. If you use the discount code “chf” you’ll receive $100 off the admission price.

And lastly, if you’ve got the itch, search for you local Flash User Group (FUG) or Macromedia User Group (now called Adobe User Groups), or see below for one near you.

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San Francisco
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Orange County, CA
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  1. This sounds really geeky. What are the benefits of being in a FUG, I imagine it being like a piss and moan circle about the pitfalls of flash. I could be wrong, but us Flash people sure know how to complain!

  2. Aaron Simpson March 24, 2006

    I’ll let you know the benefits, James, after this April 19th meeting at LAFU. One thing’s for certain: the geek factor will be in full effect as I divulge an endless stream of Flash-animation related minutia. As for the pissing and moaning, I think that’s going to be in any industry. It’s like an engine – there’s gonna be some exhaust!

    But looking at the line-up slated for the April 19th meeting, we’ll mostly be hitting on industry growth, the evolution of the medium, studio methods and tips, and who’s doing great work with the software.

    If you’re not in the LA area (the meeting is in Venice Beach), James, just check back here for the full run-down. That way, you can feel like you went while avoiding all those sweaty handshakes!


  3. Dave Wolfe March 24, 2006

    Hey who let those Animax weenies on the front page? :)

    I’ve never been to any LAFU meetings but I think I’ll have to go to this one. It sounds like there’s gonna be a lot of interesting stuff covered.

  4. Anonymous March 25, 2006

    Hey DW.. takes one to know one

  5. Wynne Chen March 25, 2006

    wow,I didn’t know they had one in vancouver. I guess I’ll check it out!

  6. Sir NutsALot (on women) March 28, 2006

    check out Aaron sporting the Coconut Fred shirt… keeping the spirit of the nut alive.

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