Wonder Showzen Season 2

MTV2′s brutally hilarious show ‘Wonder Showzen,’ is back tonight with a second season (9:30pm ET). As it turns out, this critically acclaimed show is MTV2′s first shot fired in a war with Cartoon Network’s late-nite animation fest Adult Swim. In June, ‘Wonder Showzen’ will be joined by ‘Where My Dogs At?,’ another Flash-animated project being produced by Six Point Harness Studios. They fight, we win!

If you haven’t had a chance to catch an episode of ‘Wonder Showzen,’ you’re missing out on what can only be described as Sesame Street Psychedelica. It’s primarily a puppet-animated show, peppered with hysterical Flash-animated segments by Augenblick Studios, which together look like a kids show. But as the Washington Post recently pointed out, “This Show’s Not for Children.” Vomit, racism, blood, dismemberment and spot-on send-ups of classic animation will forever cast this show into Cult Fandom, but if that’s your bag, order the season 1 DVD, and clear tonight’s schedule.

And I highly recommend reading Entertainment Weekly’s interview with the show’s co-creators, John Lee and Vernon Chatman, who is also the voice of Towlie on ‘South Park.’ You’ll see quips like – “If you’re gonna call a cougar a fruit, he must be humping the strawberry.” Wha?

Here’s some clips from the show:


  1. Scotty A March 31, 2006

    That last one… holy heck. That’s Yellow Submarine type trippy. Love it!

  2. Anonymous March 31, 2006

    Damn it, if I could only see Adult Swim here : ( These look awesome.

  3. Oh man that Shuggy one is amazing! Great animation.

  4. Stephen Levinson March 31, 2006

    6 point harness has great animation! I love all their work!


  5. Cooker April 1, 2006

    All three are great. That last one caused a riot to everybody I showed it to.
    –The YouTube site had a great comment posted, even though the title is “Global Politics in 30 Seconds”–the video is only 17 seconds long!

    Ladies, take note, we’ve found one place where shorter is better!

  6. Kenneth Figuerola April 1, 2006

    This is the first time that I see anything of “Wonder Showzen”… and it’s fantastic !!
    Global politics it’s the best, and It’s true !!

  7. Dave Logan April 1, 2006

    Haha, great stuff!

  8. Jesse Thorn April 3, 2006

    I interviewed the Wonder Showzen guys on my show, The Sound of Young America. It was a very bizarre thing. I got them to get kind of serious at the end, though.

  9. Chris Battle April 3, 2006

    It is so happy to happen! You are to be lucky for America to have such animations,yes?

    The Fred Coconut Show is showing very much enjoyment! In future, we are hope for it it here, as well.

    Spaceba, Simpy-san.

  10. Chris Morrow July 18, 2007

    Wow, Viacom must be retarded when they start killing off the Youtube videos you guys at Augenblick apparently APPROVED to go up, oh and did anyone catch the subtle similarity between Mr. Body and the SLIM GOOD BODY show from my childhood in the 80′s? Thank you pepeJunrior… you made my life complete!

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