Coconut Fred on Cartoon Network

It seems as if ‘Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island’ has made the jump over to Cartoon Network. Starting tonight, Fred and his merry bunch of berries are bringing their brand of anarchy to the UK at 11:30pm.
That’s a great slot, if you ask me, as I’ve always imagined an older audience might find ‘Coconut Fred’ just tweaked enough to stop flipping channels. Some of the data we saw confirmed this, as it ‘played old’ in many of the early weeks on Kids!WB. This network jump, from Kids!WB to Cartoon Network, isn’t new, for those of you scratching your heads. They’re both owned by Warner Bros. and dozens of shows have played on both simultaneously. Not sure which episode plays this evening over in the UK, and I’m hoping someone will write back with the info. I’m also wondering if Fred will come back on in the US (Kids!WB or CN), as there’s several episodes that remain unaired. Some of the best ones, if you ask me.


  1. Jarrad Hope April 1, 2006

    congrats to them :D

  2. TonyC. April 1, 2006

    congrats to all!

  3. Todd Kauffman April 1, 2006

    that’s sweet aaron – wish i could see an ep or two.

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