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Flashforward Austin is not all that far away. Kicking off on Monday, September 11th, and running through Thursday the 14th, Flashforward will again host “the largest International Flash-related film festival on the planet,” according to the website. The event is 16th for the Lynda.com gang, who acquired full ownership of the event last year. It’s the first time the event will be held in Austin, and we’ll see if this great city can top the enormous turnout in Seattle – which boasted 1,500 attendees.

I’ll be speaking in Room 2 on Wednesday starting at 1:30pm. The session title is a mouthful – “Flash Animation: From One Computer to a Million Screens.” Here’s my attempt at writing in the third person:

JibJab’’s Animation Producer, Aaron Simpson, explains how a small studio or an independent animator can reach a global audience. See JibJab’s Flash®-animated shorts, and others from around the world, then hear their unique stories of viral distribution. Aaron, the editor of coldhardflash.com, will also illustrate popular techniques that are being used at animation studios, and demonstrate several plugins that are re-shaping the Flash animator’s workspace.

My friend and co-founder of JibJab Media, Evan Spiridellis, will also be on hand. He’ll kick off his session titled “Cut, Paste, Animate: Collage Animation” at 10:45am on Wednesday.

And don’t forget to nominate your favorite Flash project for the Flashforward Film Festival. It’s free to nominate and you’ve got until June 23rd.


  1. Debbie May 15, 2006

    Hi Aaron, I was curious what “several plugins that are re-shaping the Flash animator’s workspace” are. I’m guessing animslider and maybe toontitan, would you tell me the others?

  2. Anonymous May 15, 2006

    The only thing truly reshaping the animator’s workspace is the animator. Get some training in tradition animation skills and pretty much everything else falls into place.

  3. Aaron Simpson May 19, 2006


    It’s animslider and a whole slew of other JSFL plugins that are helping turn Flash into a real animator’s tool.

    Anonymous is a bit off with his comment above. Training in animation won’t actually effect the layout of the Flash workspace. This is a code-based environment, that can only be effected by programmers. But, regardless, training in animation is always recommended!


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