Phillips Drops The YuYu

‘The YuYu’ is officially launched. It’s the latest episode in Adam Phillip’s Brackenwood series, and it’s another jaw-dropper. It’s 30 frames-per-second, 3 minutes long, character animation is on the 2′s and it’s animated by one person.

‘The YuYu’ is what Adam describes as an “interlude within a larger story,” and it picks up from the end of the award-winning ‘littleFoot,’ where Bitey was first confronted by the mysterious, shape-shifting YuYus. If you recall that final scene, they’d just suggested ‘stealing’ Bitey.

Phillips is using Flash 8 to the fullest here, blurring symbols left and right – all to great effect. With that said, make sure your Flash player is up to date, or you won’t be able to see the short in it’s full glory. But the software isn’t the story here – ‘The YuYu’ is just straight-up, hand-drawn animation – and he’s delivered an incredibly nimble dancing-camera tour de force. There’s one sequence where Bitey is blazing across the countryside that is simply breathtaking – and reminiscent of Dash’s hypersonic dash through the forest in ‘The Incredibles.’

And I can’t pass up a comment on that YuYu cloud. So playful and complex. I’ve watched this short 5 times today, and I think I’ll be back tomorrow for more.

Enough of my yapping – let’s read some of Adam’s words. I pulled these quips from his message board posts…

“…more drawings than I’ve ever done in a Flash movie.”

“I’ll probably be spending a bit less time on the backgrounds for this movie because the camera is always moving and most fine detail will be lost when the movie plays. The animation, colours and effects however are deeper and more complex than my previous movies.”

“…all of the animated backgrounds (up until he leaps over the forest to look behind) are on singles, i.e. one complete background drawing for each frame. In those scenes, there is a dominant animated layer, such as the ground plane.. the other layers such as sky and forests panning past, are tweened towards the vanishing point. 98% of the character animation is on doubles, i.e. one drawing for every two frames. Where I could cut corners without compromising the animation, I did as much as possible. Throughout the movie, the yuyu cloud is about 50% on singles and 50% on doubles.”


  1. Dave Logan May 2, 2006

    Wow. Simply astounding stuff!

  2. Stephen Levinson May 2, 2006

    Amazing. Everything was great. The cloud, the action, the camera, the speed chase, everything!! You’re going to win many awards for this Adam! Great job!


  3. Kenneth Figuerola May 2, 2006

    FAN-TAS-TIC !!!

  4. Ian Copeland May 3, 2006

    If the YuYu had been created by a team, it would be amazing. But one guy? Unbelievable!

  5. Philip May 3, 2006

    And the bar just keeps getting higher…Now, if only TV animation was this good.

  6. Stephen Studios May 3, 2006

    Granny, you got Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network


  7. Mind boggling effects and camera work. Really inspiring. Mr. Phillips is a one man wrecking crew!

  8. Anonymous May 5, 2006

    This Has to be one of his best. I’m speechless!

  9. Anonymous July 15, 2006

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  10. Anonymous August 15, 2006

    You are Just simply awesome…
    Please keep the Brackenwood stories going.
    We Love the characters and the environments and your great use of camera and animation !!!

  11. omg this guy is so awesome!

  12. Anonymous November 22, 2006

    does anyone know where i can get it?? taht would be great ’cause it amazing

  13. Anonymous May 21, 2007

    The Yuyu, simply the best. Can’t wait for Waterlollies now. I check the website every day for it.

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