Ghostbot Delivers Two

Ghostbot has more Flash animated goodness for your eyes to feast upon. Roque Ballesteros, Alan Lau and Brad Rau are back at it, this time with a music video and a new Esurance TV spot.

The music video is something the Ghostbot gang mentioned in their CHF interview back last summer. It’s for the band Five Iron Frenzy and the song is called ‘Wizard Needs Food Badly.’ It’s currently airing as the second half of the Channel Frederator podcast (M4V), bumped up against a great looking short called ‘The Dan Danger Show!’ by Butch Hartman & Steve Marmel.

Ghostbot came through again for Phil Robinson over at Wildbrain, delivering another delicious Esurance spot called ‘Proof.’ The company seems to like them so much, they’ve dedicated a section of their website as a shrine to Ghostbot’s work. An interesting note here – this is their first project completed entirely without paper. The Ghostbot gang has gone digital, designing and animating on Cintiq’s. This info was shared over on the Ghostbot blog, where you can read more about the production, and who did what.


  1. Stephen Studios June 28, 2006

    GHOSTBOT RULES!!! I loved their commercials and that music video! After seeing that clip of the video they had on their site over and over again, I got addicted to Five Iron Frenzy! I know own 29 of their songs :D The Ghostbot guys are such great animators!


  2. Franfou June 28, 2006

    Dan Danger is very strong by is design !!!

  3. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for the big plug. You rule!!

    We’d love to take all the credit for the “shrine” at, but some of the handsome spots were handled by the crackerjack internal crew at Wildbrain. Palette (the one where they are in the art museum), Great Expiration (the one where Erin is on the top of the building), Let it Snow (the one on ice) are the one’s they did internally.

    We’re busy working on more adventures of Erin so stay tuned!

  4. gabriel valles June 29, 2006

    Awesome! Five Iron Frenzy is one of my favorites. Great work on the animation.

    Also, I realy like this color design on this Esurance commercial, not as washed out looking as some of the previous versions.

  5. Bentos June 29, 2006

    I love these, very LUSH Flash animation.

    Just wondering if Rian Hughes was involved with the designs for these spots?

    Because if he wasn’t they have an uncanny likeness to his work.

  6. Anonymous June 30, 2006

    The design style is one in which many great illustrators work, like Luc Latullipe, Cal Slayton and Bo Lundbeg. I know that Ghostbot, and Alan in particular, has been drawing like this (and animating it in Flash) from way back when he did the Penelope Pitstop short for Cartoon Network…no one is biting off anyones style. Believe it.

  7. gabriel valles June 30, 2006

    I take back my previous comment. i took a look at the Esurance adds again on thier website. and the color design is great. I think i just got the impresion of them bieng washed out because the girls pink hair is so close in value to her face that it seems washed out sometimes.

  8. Bentos June 30, 2006

    Furry Muff mate, just saying I wouldn’t have been surprised if.

  9. Anonymous September 9, 2006

    FIVE IRON FRENZY is known by their fans for the lively rock and lyrics they bring, so this video serves as a good tribute and portrait of the band. The animation is good, but I wish ther was more of the band. This video however seemingly came out alte, as the idea of it was first dicussed back in 2003 I believe. Nice looking video though for a great album entitled “The End is Near”. Godspeed indeed!

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