Luke Gustafson’s Headlessness

Luke Gustafson wants to haunt your dreams. Sure this 3:30 minute music video ‘Headlessness’ is a bit repetitive, but damn if that head-splitting sequence near the end isn’t worth the wait. Where and who are you, Luke?


  1. murrayb June 8, 2006

    Luke is one of the talented animation directors at Smiley guy studios.You should interview him Aaron.He’s been in the Canadian animation biz for a while, working on ed ed and eddy at AKA and pioneering flash stuff.

  2. Anonymous June 9, 2006

    This shares some strong similarities to Revolver. But I mean that as a complement. The animation is quite a refined use of flash. Especially without the use of tweening for much of the movement. Quite nice.

  3. Anonymous June 13, 2006

    well… i’d just like to say thanks alot for posting my film. oh, this is Luke Gustafson, the film maker of “Headlessness”. and i just discovered that ‘Cold Hard Flash’ has posted/linked my film.

    perhaps a little history might help clarify the films content…beyond it being a ‘trip’ (which i hope it is to all viewers anyways. :]).


    SO it started as a series of automatic drawings on ‘Animation Paper’ BEFORE i discovered ‘Flash’.(‘automatic drawings’ being a reference to dadaism/surealism and early psychological exploration during the 1920s _and onward_. the beatnik era if you will).

    “Automatic drawings” meaning to draw without consideration of content or linear conscience. Bottom line: to ‘let your mind go’.

    Funny then that the film eventually became an outlet to explore the ‘limitations of flash’.

    Ultimately it was a rebellion against the symbol heavy, tween convenience of the program. BUT taking advantage where it would apply (like cycling and shape tweening).

    In the end, after 3 years on and off of working on the film, i decided to end it and simply recycle/reuse shots i had developed during the ‘not working in the industry’ periods of my career.

    i’m very greatful for the ‘revolver’ reference made. as it is a respected film in our (short film enthusiasts) arena.

    the content, in its final conception, references (in a small way) Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film “Holy Mountain”. focusing primarily on the pilgramage aspect.

    i hope this provides some insight to interested viewers and again am grateful for the viewership i have recieved via Cold Hard Flash!

    Again I hope this provides some small insight to those viewers whom are interested in the what lies behind the ‘curtain’…

    thank you


  4. Anonymous August 29, 2006

    It really strokes my ego in this neo passionistic kind of way. I relate to your struggle to identify with yourself your negativity towards todays consumeristic society. it reminds me of Dali. A mind who could come up with this breathtaking film truly deserves to be as recognized as Tron.

    -Magnifico Karen

  5. Anonymous September 2, 2006

    Damn. I was told to check this out by a college of mine… but…

    …This isn’t very good….. If you can make turd like this a get a director position at smiley guy than maybe I should poop, smear it on a mirror and become their president!

    This doesn’t even show the basic principles of animation. It looks like a badly done student film. And it looks rushed. No offense… but I hope you improved your animation skill some before becoming a director!

    Basically… I’m pretty unimpressed with this short, but it does show you have potiential.

  6. Anonymous October 2, 2006

    ralph bakshi said “i would’ve made the characters legs flying off and shit.”
    the films also an award winner if you can believe it.

    best experimental short/squamish film festival

    selected for competion/brooklyn underground film festival


  7. Anonymous October 6, 2006

    Hey Anonymous,

    I hear Smiley Guys is hiring! Bring your poopy mirror!


  8. Anonymous November 2, 2006

    “I melt your velveeta brain with my flaming broadsword of art” – Crad Kilodney (writer of “Lightning Struck My Dick” and other greats)

    not so anonymous,

    thee DR. MINZ

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