BoBo&ToTo’s Swallowtail Part 1

As reported back in June, BoBo&ToTo are back. Released only a few days ago, the latest Flash-animated episode from the panda and chicken duo, ‘Swallowtail Butterfly,’ is top notch stuff. Sure it’s a 26mb download from a slow server, but once you get an eyefull of the Fish Railcar, you’ll be glad you waited it out.


  1. Kenneth Figuerola July 18, 2006

    SUPERB !!

    It’s a good animation short, especial mention to backgrounds, but i’m a bit disappointed, after 10 minutes loading it’s only the first part… :-(

  2. I. N. J. Culbard July 18, 2006

    That was incredible. The music, the backgrounds, quite something.

    Loved the fish-bus.

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