Crackers Over Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion’s name needs to ring through these digital halls. He’s extremely unheralded, and his body of work will keep you busy for your entire lunch break.

Pascal lives in San Francisco, and he’s one of the few top-notch directors at Bent Image Lab. He’s done work for Ritz Crackers on several occasions, and one of the spots looked very familiar. I recalled seeing the Ritz ‘Party’ spot over at Aaron Stewart’s page at Hornet Inc, and it’s fun to see a different take on the same ad. Both seem worthy of getting the ‘green-light,’ and I’m suspecting both were done in Flash. Pascal’s designs have subsequently become the look of the brand featured on the website.

Pascal’s spot for PBS is so fluid and engaging, and his work with Chel White on the St. Louis Mills mall spots is snappy and fun.

But then you see the sheer bulk (click on ‘animation’) of his personal work, like his ‘Boss Animations,’ and you realize this guy is passionate AND persistent. His video for the They Might Be Giants song ‘Mr. Smalls’ is well worth a look, and his word-centric ‘Catnip’ short is award-worthy.

Don’t miss Pascal’s blog, which features heaps of his design work.

Thanks to Justin Balch for bringing Pascal into to my radar.


  1. Ryan Simmons July 26, 2006

    I’ve always admired this guys work. Does an amazing job of using traditional priciples in the digital world. And his camera moves and pans are off the hook!

  2. BLECHA! July 26, 2006

    Pascal is indeed awesome! He literally cranks this stuff out for breakfast.

    He lives in San Francisco by the way.

  3. Ajay Karat July 26, 2006

    Pascal! ROCK ON! I love this guys works, had seen it initially on the awn forum more than a year and a half ago. extreme stuff and and excellent Character Animator !

  4. Honolulu Dogfight July 26, 2006

    I was a storyboard artist at Flying Rhino in Portland Oregon in 2000 and 2001 when Pascal came to work there. It was hard to get stuff done since I primarily grilled him to translate french comics for me and we handed sketchbooks back and forth, but he could have put all the animators out of work with his insane output. Instead it was poor business decisions that put us out on the streets.
    Glad to see he got the nod here.
    Well deserved.

  5. robertc July 26, 2006

    pascal’s work is genuis! he’s a madman with a pen and pencil. never seen a guy work so fast and so well. congrats!

  6. You’ve just uncovered a hidden gem. i sense amazing things from Pascal in the future. I was fortunate to pick up his book “Oogeley Boogely” at the con. He already shows an amazing sense of scope, range and cinematic style.

    Oh did I mention his animation is really sweet too?

  7. pascal July 27, 2006

    This is quite a write up!
    I’m not sure what to say except..THANK YOU ALL!

    ok.. back to work now.

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