Flash Animation News Roundup

Noodlesoup was originally started by Jeff Nodleman when he “took out more credit cards than anyone should ever touch in his life,” according to an AWN article. He was a producer on ‘The Venture Bros,’ and a creator of numerous other original properties. Jeff left Noodlesoup late last year to join The Creative Group as creative director in charge of animation. Having met Jeff on several occasions, I can say that they’re lucky to have him on board.

With Jeff departing, it only makes sense that Noodlesoup, its name surely inspired by Jeff, would be re-branded. The company’s new name is World Leaders Entertainment, and they’ve announced their first project under the new banner – ‘SuperNormal,’ a Flash-animated partnership with UK-based Granada Kids. Head over to the World Leaders site to see their reel, which is packed full of Flash-animated goodness.

As reported in the British magazine, Digit, Renegade Animation has created a new Flash-animated commercial for Texas-based grocer H-E-B. As far as I can tell, the spot isn’t available for viewing on the web yet, but I’ll put up a link when it is. Here’s a great quote from Ashley Postlewaite:

“Flash allows us to create beautiful design effects — and it also holds down the cost of animation,” explained Renegade Animation executive producer Ashley Postlewaite. “It brings high-quality animation within reach of a lot of clients who might otherwise not consider it. It was a perfect choice for this campaign because of its kid appeal — but it can work for a lot of product categories, including products aimed at adults. It can push through the clutter because the look is so different from other ads you see on TV.”

Thanks to Frank Forte for the tip.

Mukpuddy has released yet another episode from their show ‘Sparkle Friends.’ You can download Episode 7 from the Mukpuddy site.

‘Tigga and Togga,’ the preschool show from Cuppa Coffee, was recently reported on a few weeks ago. I was just tipped off that 6 episodes are available for viewing over at the official website. Great looking work, guys!


  1. Gene Fowler July 19, 2006

    Congrats on the re-branding guys!!

  2. Dave Logan July 19, 2006

    I am a HUGE Venture Brothers Fan, can’t wait to see the new stuff World Leaders puts out. Hehe, I like how at the end of each episode the “world leader” is different (Castro, Kennedy, . . . and my memory fails me as to the others)

  3. DeeSpace July 20, 2006

    I kinda miss the ol’ “Thats Good Soup!” mascot. Nice to see an animation company brand themselves w/o that played out retro look.

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