Jared Chapman Makes Robots

Jared Chapman, aside from helping Drawn become THE design resource on the web, works at Ignite Learning. His most recent project there is called Squibs, an educational DVD series featuring a whole heap of Flash animation.

Jared designed and animated a robot world that served to open each DVD in the series and it tied the whole series together. You can see a bunch of his character designs on Jared’s new blog, and he’s also posted a few backgrounds.

The designs are delicious, and the animation follows suit. Have a look at these walk cycles:

Walk 1
Walk 2
Walk 3

And lastly, Jared has posted a few full-blow scenes on his site – and here’s one in particular in which the robots play catch and another in the kitchen.


  1. Ian Copeland July 28, 2006

    Beautiful. Love the “slinky” arms.

  2. Kenneth Figuerola July 28, 2006

    Very good and very interesting !!

    I think that the ( near ) future to flash animation is the educational market in internet. There are a lot childs that have internet in house.

    Multimedia Cd’s or dvd are good but I think that this medium is going to dissapear in few years. There is an expensive task for a Book editor.

    The net has a low cost ( pay 60 dollars/year for a .com and pay xxxx dollars or euros to the creatives ) anf for and editor is easier to put a piece of paper with a password to access to the multimedia content.

    This is my point of view, here in Spain. I suppose that in United States on in other countries of Europe it’s different.

  3. Love it, love it, love it!
    I’ve never seen such awesome walk cycles!

  4. Dave Wolfe July 29, 2006

    I love the style of these robots. The designers did a really good job on them, and the backgrounds too.

  5. Gene Fowler July 31, 2006

    Hell yeah dude!

    Now that’s the shit!

    Jared, call me brother, we got a show for you!

  6. Todd Kauffman July 31, 2006

    oh man…those walk cycles are great!!!

  7. Jared rules. This stuff is just great!

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