Pucca Broadcast IDs

Studio B in Vancouver have been hard at work readying ‘Pucca’ for its debut on Jetix. According to the gang over at Stash, the studio also produced a series of very clever, fast-moving broadcast IDs, that can be seen below.

The official Pucca website is now live too, where they’re pitching the series with this line “It doesn’t make any sense – but what do you expect?” Oooookay! If you’re using IE (boooo!), you can view a short promo hyping the series.

A bit of history on this series – it was originally created by a company called Vooz in Seoul, South Korea, and has since been green-lit for 78 episodes, all produced in Flash.

I spotted this story over at Gil Crows blog.


  1. Anonymous July 27, 2006

    very cool.
    just a little comment – one episode was made in 3D and also lookes great.

  2. Gene Fowler July 28, 2006


    Very snappy – and dynamic! – Inspiring ideas come to mind with the thought of station id’s.


  3. Franfou July 28, 2006

    not only its a great animation, but its also great quality of illustration !

  4. PuccaGirl October 28, 2006

    Pucca rawks!! It’s my new obsession!!!!

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