Trussell Floats To Frederator

Channel Frederator just released their 38th podcast (holy poderator!) and it includes Joel Trussell’s (‘War Photographer’) latest – ‘Float.’ It’s a Flash-animated music video for the band the Atomic Swindlers. You can watch the m4v file over at Frederator now.

I recently posted a note in the message boards about my run-in with Joel over here at JibJab headquarters in Santa Monica. We took a photo (must register to see) and talked about another soon-to-be-released project.


  1. Todd Kauffman July 18, 2006

    good on ya joel

  2. jtruss July 18, 2006

    Thanks for the shout, Aaron! Hopefully I’ll have some news to reveal in the near future. Thanks again for the support you give to all the Flash community, good Sir Simpson!

    Hey Todd… Tanks, bruddah! Wish I could be at the Shady Characters show to see the Monstrocity toy reveal.

  3. geenpool July 18, 2006

    lookin’ fine my man…love the touch o’ grey that you’re adding to your hair these days…i’ve been adding it to my face…not so much hair these days…sigh….

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