Wit Animation’s Fruity Spot

According to a post over in the CHF message boards, a recenty Fruity Pebbles TV spot was animated in 3D Studio Max and Flash. It was produced at Venice, California-based Wit Animation, and 3 animators handled the bulk of the 2D work – Mike Polvani, Craig Clark and Dave Courtland.

It’s not the first cereal commercial to call on Flash for help – Renegade Animation produced a Cocoa Puffs spot last year and relied heavily on Flash for painting and effects.

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  1. David Catalano July 21, 2006

    My new Mac has this “feature” where the back button on my mouse actually plays QuickTime movies in reverse. The Fruity Pebbles spot is quite entertaining in reverse. The beat from the music is still there. The characters sound like what I would expect the Eastern European version of “The Sims” to sound like. If you’ve got a Mac I’d take a listen.

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