Bubblebeard, Ritz & Roth

Devin Roth and his fellow animators at Nethatco made quite a splash a few months back, unveiling some extremely strong Flash work. John Martz at Drawn wrote them up in May of this year, posting mainly about Alex Hirsch’s phenomenal work.

But we shouldn’t overlook the rest of the Nethatco gang, including Devin Roth, who recently updated his blog with a feast of Flash animation clips. First and foremost is a Flash-animated spot that he animated on. This Ritz commercial was directed by Dave Wasson and produced by Acme Filmworks.

It’s not the first Ritz spot to be animated in Flash. Pascal Campion animated a commercial in the same campaign, and you can also see Aaron Stewart’s version at the Hornet Inc. website.

Devin also posted ‘Bubblebeard,’ a short he created along with Alex Hirsch and Sean Jimen.

And lastly, Devin has assembled his Flash animation reel, which includes clips from some ‘Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends’ commercials.


  1. Yeah, Devin Rules! I’ve worked with him many a time, and he’s awesome.
    I’ve also posted some Wasson commercials on my blog, with even more Ritz ones to come.
    check em out!

  2. Justin Weg September 29, 2006

    Yeah all of their work is awesome. Very funny and inspirational stuff!

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